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Tinapa Expended Rice

Tinapa Expended Rice Tinapa Seared Rice is a delicious translation of standard consumed rice! With smoked fish chips, padded eggs, and green onions, it’s a delicious side dish perfect for breakfast!

In spite of how I am the one unequivocally who eats rice at home, I’ve taken an affection for cooking past what one individual can calmly use. Remaining rice in the cooler has been a life(tummy)saver for those days I’m pointlessly uninterested or too tired to even consider evening consider evening consider evening think about upsetting a muddled dish.

With days-old white rice as the perfect canvas, I can without a lot of a stretch set up a great dinner with whatever sporadic things I have close by. The best model is this tinapa expended rice. A cup of chipped smoked fish, a few eggs, a lot of green onions and I had a delectable one-wok lunch to appreciate!

The best framework to Make Tinapa Seared Rice

Cold, days old rice is perfect for making expended rice. Leaving the rice in the cooler for at any rate a couple of hours liberates of plenitude lightness and empowers the grains to cement, making them less confusing to separate and prevents the rice from changing into mush. In the occasion that using normally cooked,  spread the rice out in a far layer on a getting ready sheet and stick in the cooler for two or three hours to dry out and absolutely cool.

A wok is incredible yet you in like manner use a wide holder with slanted sides to thwart spills.

Cook the eggs until generally set and still truly wet as they will hold cooking when returned to the skillet with the rest of the fixings.

Notwithstanding the way wherein that you can use any kind of smoked fish, I lean toward galunggong as it’s noteworthy and has less bones for me to channel through.

Look at this recipe and let me see what you think in the comments. Checking for more tinapa plans? Take a gander at the diagram underneath.

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